• Thursday Jazz

    NEW VENUE: Black Sheep, Storgatan 20, Jakobstad/Pietarsaari, Finland

    Program: Experience great live music every thursday during the school-periods. The program of Jazzoo’s Thursday Jazz is a mix of jam sessions with local musicians,  concerts with national- and international jazz bands and also some extraordinary happenings. Music starts ’round about 21:00

    Entrance: Free entrance to our jam sessions and ticket sale to band concerts

    Artist bookings: Anders Sjölind (Swe, Fin, Eng)
    e-mail: anders.sjolind@gmail.com

    Artist bookings Jeppis Jazz Festival: Robin Käldström  (Swe, Fin, Eng)
    e-mail: robin.kaldstrom@multi.fi
    tel: +358 44 2620088

    Eva Hagen (Secretary & Cashier) Swe, Eng
    +358 50 322 96 66    eva.wiknerhagen@gmail.com

    Jazzoo.r.f. /att: Eva Hagen
    Lotsgatan 17
    FI- 68 600 Jakobstad

    Konto: 556707-233137
    FI91 5567 0720 0331 37 OKOYFIHH

  • Jakobstad Music & Arts in Pietarsaari

    The Jeppis Jazz Festival started 2008 and expanded a lot since then. From the fall 2013, Jeppis Jazz was an essential part of the JMAP -festival – Jakobstad Music & Arts in Pietarsaari. Music- and culture events, made by several producers, built the program of the JMAP Festival. The JMAP-festival will take a break in 2017, instead Jazzoo will organize the Jeppis Jazz Festival again in October.

  • Information – JazzOo r.f.
    The non-profit organisation was founded in 2001, as an answer to the growing interest for jazz music in Jakobstad/Pietarsaari. JazzOo r.f. has become an important part of the music culture in the region. Our goal is to give people of all ages and backgrounds a chance to enjoy live music. Today we have some over 300 active members and together we are spreading the delightful news…
    … Jazz came to town!

    Venue – O’Learys Jakobstad/Pietarsaari
    Scene: ca 2,5 x 3m (see Youtube-example)

    Backline for Thursday Jazz at O’Learys:
    Piano: Yamaha U3 – upright acoustic piano
    Bass amplifier: Ampeg Rocket Bass B-100R
    Guitarr amplifier: Vox Ac15 CC1x
    3 x Mackie Srm-450 Active
    : Yamaha Stage Custom bd 20″, tt 10″, 12″, 14″
    Drum-pedal: Yamaha 8500c
    Cymbals: Hi-hat – Paiste Formula 602 14″, Ride – Bosporus 21″, Crash – Paiste 404 16″
    Hi-hat stativ
    Cymbalstativ x3
    Drum chair
    El.-bass: Fender Jazz Bass s855003 , case, strap
    Microphones: Akg Elle C, Akg d7s, Oktava mk-012-01 stereo matched pair, Shure sm- 57, Audio-Technica Atm-41, Neumann Kms-105
    Microphone stands: x 15
    Mixer: Behringer Xenyx 1832fx (6 xlr)
    Di-box: db-400

    Cables, stands: xlr-xlr 10, plug-plug 9, xlr female-plug 3, xlr male-plug 1
    Amp c
    ables  x 8  (“kaffekokare”)
    Extension cords x 9
    Extension cord x 1 à 20m

  • Contacts
    Board 2017

    Anders Sjölind (Chairman, Bookings Thursday Jazz) Swe, Fin, Eng
    Mobile: +358 50 5309677
    E-mail: anders.sjolind@multi.fi

    Robin Käldström (Bookings JMAP-festival) Swe, Fin, Eng
    Mobile: +358 44 2620088
    E-mail: robin.kaldstrom@multi.fi

    Anna Hagen (Vice Chairman) Swe, Fin, Eng
    e-mail: annahagen@gmail.com
    tel: +358 50 347 33 32

    Peter Hauptmann (Board Member) Swe, Eng
    e-mail: peter.hauptmann@gmail.com
    tel: +358 (0)44 785 16 02

    Eva Hagen (Secretary & Cashier) Swe, Eng
    +358 50 322 96 66    eva.wiknerhagen@gmail.com

    Jazzoo.r.f. /att: Eva Hagen
    Lotsgatan 17
    FI- 68 600 Jakobstad

    Konto: 556707-233137
    FI91 5567 0720 0331 37 OKOYFIHH

    Felix Holmberg Swe, Fin, Eng
    tel: +358 50-3822796
    e-mail:  felixholmberg@gmail.com

    Ingela Wiklund Swe, Fin, Eng
    tel: +358 50 5814938
    e-mail: ingelajamwiklund@gmail.com

  • Green Card
    A Green Card gives you free entrance to all Thursday Jazz concerts during the year (about 14 concerts/year). Get your own Green Card for 30 € (25 € students)! Tickets to concerts normally 7-15 €. Concerts are held at O’Learys in Jakobstad, every Thursday at 21:00.  The Green Card is personal. A Green Card also gives you the possibility of becoming a member of JazzOo r.f. Membership fee is included in the price. Become a member just by sending us your details!

    Become a member of JazzOo r.f.! By becoming a member you support the organisations goal to spread live music and create scenes for jazz music in Jakobstad and beyond.  Membership fees are 15 € (10 € for students). Membership gives you discounts to concerts throughout the year. For members  a Green Card costs only 15 €.